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Manifesto for Mindfulness in Web3

We stayed up all night, my friends and I, talking about the potential promise of our community.

Web3 could bring people together and build communities like never before. But it is our responsibility as leaders in the space to ensure that we go beyond the mistakes of our predecessors who built the social media apps and digital communities of today.

What follows is a necessary manifesto – one that sets our 24/7 community on a path towards a better future.


1. Learning from the Present

We are grateful that Web2 brought us together in extraordinary ways. Our world is more connected than ever, with the ability to reach, share, befriend and learn from humans around the world.

However this opportunity has brought challenges - never-ending feeds, centralization of power, FoMo, burnout. As we look ahead to Web3, we want to learn from our present and continue to do better – by decentralizing ownership, creating opportunity for all and approaching the next generation of the web mindfully.


2. Towards A Mindful Metaverse

In order to truly build a mindful metaverse, we have to start by setting a good example. We are therefore putting forth these 5 tenets for a mindful metaverse:

  • 1. Make space for mental health and wellness, check in on one another and lead with kindness;
  • 2. Accept the challenges of this moment, and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow:
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  • Tech addiction and excessive screen time;
  • Anxiety related to fluctuating NFT and cryptocurrency values;
  • Associating self-worth with the possession of crypto assets;
  • Disconnection from the real world;
  • 3. Take time daily, to go within and to ground oneself as a foundation for connecting with others;
  • 4. Be intentional with the products, worlds, and communities that we build:
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  • Discourage portraying false realities through content;
  • Respect opinions of all community members - encourage restraint from hateful, angry, abusive, or reactionary comments;
  • Share personal experiences in a safe space, get the help you need and offer it when you can;
  • Foster inclusiveness and accessibility at all price points;
  • 5. Create a metaverse that fosters genuine human connection and compliments the real world;


3. Healing through Meditation

If we want to heal the world, we must first heal ourselves.

We therefore commit to fostering our own mindfulness journey by taking a moment daily to just sit and to focus on our breath.

Because starting or growing our own practice is the single most impactful contribution we can make towards a Mindful Metaverse.


4. What This Manifesto is Not

We’re not asking anyone to achieve instant enlightenment, nor are we trying to virtue signal about how mindful we are as a collective. We’re not trying to bring about world peace or to solve the mental health crisis, because, well, we can’t.

We are simply calling out to all the leaders in Web3. Make a personal commitment to begin or renew your own mindfulness journey. Because, only if we sustain ourselves, can we hope to build a better tomorrow.


5. In Conclusion

This manifesto is meant to be a spark. Our first step in promoting a mindful metaverse through individual action. It is just the beginning.

Sign this Manifesto and take the following pledge to join a Web3 community of current and prospective meditators.

“I pledge to actualize my personal mindfulness journey and in doing so I hope to engender a culture of mindfulness in my life, my communities, and web3.”

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